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  1. When I open Waveforms 2015 and connect the AD1 or AD2, I can click on the status button on the bottom of the main window and it will pop up a system monitor that allows a quick view of the USB voltage and the total current draw from the device. If I attach a separate AUX 5V power supply to the AD2 (awesome feature!), it will display AUX voltage and AUX current. I tested it with a high W resistor and easily pulled 1100mA with no issues and was able to observe that value through the system monitor (see image "AD2"). My question is why doesn't this feature work for the Explorer Board (see im
  2. As of 11/6/14 10:04 a.m. I can't get the learn site modules to load.
  3. Figured it out. According to the reference manual, if you use the board with MPLAB, it will erase the ChipKIT bootloader. In order to reload the bootloader, refer to the updated reference manual section 2.1.
  4. How long should it take for the Mx4 PRO to program through MPIDE? I decided to start playing with it the other day and it never loaded the basic "Blink" sketch. The green status bar at the bottom of the MPIDE window never finalized. I double checked MPIDE with a uC32 and UNO32 and both loaded within a few seconds. I had the correct COM port and board selected and I know the Mx4 works since I've used it with MPLAB X before. The "blink" sketch was unedited. The USB cable was plugged into the UART port with the UART jumper connected for power. (Maybe I should have used the debugger USB port inste