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  1. Hi Jon, elodg, thank you very much for your research. This topic is closed. Damir
  2. It's look like , that the delay path on the board is routed as shown. See picture. But i need if it is possible, a exact value of delay time for they paths. Thanks s71239
  3. In data sheet for Realtek 8211E-VG on page 65 for TskewRX is wroten "This implies that PC board design will require clocks to be routed such that an additional trace delay of greater than 1.5ns and less thsn 2.0ns will be added to the associated clock signal" Where i can get information about routed path for RX-DATA and RXCLK on the digilinet Nexys Video board. There is a table for delay time for all routed path for this board? I need delay time regarding RXCLK 2ns. But if board give via routed path additional 2ns , then is too much for my design. Please help!!!!