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  1. Hallo @jpeyron, I will get back to you when this done successfully. If i face any problems i will let you know. Thank you so much for this
  2. h i @jpeyron, @TrapperBob, after creating each IIC ip core for each MLX90393, made signals to external. These signals hardwired to Pmods of Zybo Z7010 board with each INT of MLX90393. My question is this, 1. How can we connect clock signal of zybo, and interrupts to all MLX90393 chips. 2. after creating block design, and bit stream, a single sensor chip program is enough for all MLX90393?? because each MLX90393 is drived with 3 different signals of a Pmod. For example, In Zybo z7 JB01, JB02, and JB03 of JB Pmod are conneted to the SCL, SDA and INT of MLX90393 respectively. and JB04, JB07 and JB08 are connected to SCL, SDA and INT of another MLX90393, vice versa. 3. I have created .XDC file. is this correct way to define package pins of Zybo in that contraints? 4. How can we see the results in a terminal for each sensor Note:: MLX90393 chips have same hard coded ID( ie, several MLX90393 have same address of I2C with each has its own SCL, SDA and INT)