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  1. Is there a way to stop generating the temporary files in below directory while accessing hw_server using Digilent cable. We are using Vivado 2018.3 to access the HW. Ø /tmp/digilent-adept2- Ø /dev/shm/diligent-adept2-* For some reason, few of these files appear to become “stuck” in the locked position on occasion which is what causes the below error: TCF 14:00:21.002: jtagpoll: cannot get port description list: ftdidb_lock failed: FTDMGR wasn't properly initialized TCF 14:00:21.012: jtagpoll: cannot get port description list: JTAG device enumeration failed: Initiali
  2. Thanks Jon for confirmation. I have a doubt on windrvr6 which is used for this cable on Windows 7. As we have new USB driver on windows 10 so there might be a compatibility issue. It is not working with windows 10. Do you access to any windows 10 machine where this can be checked? thanks Hj
  3. I can see platform cable works with 2018.1 but can we get a confirmation if XUP USB JTAG work with vivado 2018.1 https://store.digilentinc.com/xup-usb-jtag-programming-cable/ Thanks JH