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  1. Thanks for responding and for the clarification Attila. I appreciate it. I may post again with more concrete details when I get the AD2 and use it a little.
  2. I am looking at the protocol analyzer. I have been through the waveforms manual and the SDK documentation, but I cannot see the answer anywhere. Does Wavforms have the ability to add 'Link File' like Picoscope does? "Link File helps to speed analysis by cross referencing hexadecimal field values into human readable form. So, for example, instead of displaying "Address: 7E" in the Table View, the corresponding text “Set Motor Speed” will be shown instead, or whatever is appropriate. The Link File temp
  3. Well, I kinda figured the presales forums got more traffic.... The details on the AD2 say the inputs are rated for 25v, but are protected to 50v. So it will not go poof at 30v. It looks like I can hook up the Pmod RS485 however I want, as long as I tell the Waveforms software where to look for the pertinent inputs. It also has the benefits of overvoltage protection that is pretty high, protecting the AD2. It sure would be swell to get a Digilent person to be a little more Diligent and give a thumbs up or something. I have constructed and tagged the thread so another person doin
  4. Thank you sir! I did a little looking around and saw that the bacnet testing labs use the picoscope 2204 to determine conformity to their spec. The specs are similar to the Analog Discovery 2 , a little worse. So I am pretty confident the oscilloscope feature is up to the task. I also know an Oscilloscope can detect all the stuff I mentioned in the last post. So now it is a matter of hooking it up. Since digilent makes the AD2 and the Pmod RS485, I figured they would go together. Is that the case? Also, the specs have the A
  5. I need to do oscilloscope testing on BAS networks talking over RS485. Protocols like modus, BacNet, Johnson N2, and others. I need to know if your product line includes anything that can help with this. The pertinent specs for my use I suppose is: Voltage: +-5vdc all the time, with 24vac (typically 22v to 29vac in practice) on occasion if possible. Comm speed: 9600 bps, up to 115200 bps. I see 78600 and 38400 most frequently. I will be most commonly be using an oscilloscope measuring differential between the + and - on the comm trunk, occasionally between + and a reference