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  1. Thank you for the exploration! What might work though is to use the AD2 as clock source fir the DUT. I did a quick check with the pattern generator and things looked good.
  2. I couldn't find details about how the recently introduced option in scope time settings to use an external signal as sampling clock works. My guess is that it is implemented similar to synchronized acquisition in the logic analyzer which is aligned with the 100MHz base frequency of the AD2. This would match with the fact that I can select only a delay that is a multiple of 10ns. Am I right here? Would it be possible to implement a true external sample clock? At least for oversampling/time equiv sampling it seems to be possible to do a controlled phase shift of the sample frequency by 10/16ns. This would be interesting e.g. for the use of AD2 for side channel analysis.
  3. Could a lock-in amplifier be done with AD2 without any external components, such as this one for myRIO? http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/de/nid/212768