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  1. Hello atilla, That fixed my issue. Thanks very much for your help! Thanks also to JColvin for passing the message to the support team.
  2. Alright, thanks for taking the time to do so!
  3. Hi JColvin, Any updates from the support team so far? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have successfully programmed my Basys2 using the 'djtgcfg' utility under Linux dozens of times, but I'm no longer able to do so. When I attempted to program the board yesterday, I got some unusual results: > djtgcfg enum Device: 3.....O......<. Product Name: Digilent Basys2-100 User Name: 3.....O......<. Serial Number: 210155528315 > djtgcfg init -d 'Basys2' ERROR: unable to open device "Basys2" > djtgcfg init -d '3.....O......<.' ERROR: unable to open device "3.....O......<." *I used the '.' character in the strings above to represent non-