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  1. Hi Philwmay , I am working with cmods6 and also trying to transfer a large file from the FPGA to the pc.

    did u have success in your application ?

    Do you have any idea about the byte rate that you got it ?

  2. I'm new to using the Diligent FPGA products and I have a question about how to use the Adept software with the Cmod S6 board. I would like to use Adept to transfer application data (24 bit pixel color values) from a PC disk file to my Cmod S6 FPGA application. I plan to implement the Diligent Parallel Interface Module Reference Design in my FPGA based on the DPIMREF.VHD example. My question is: Does the Adept software running on the PC require the data file to be in a specific format (such as EDIF) or can I send a binary file which is essentially a non-standard sequence of 8 bit data bytes in my own format to be processed by my FPGA application? Note that the file size could range from kilobytes up to a few Megabytes. Any help would be appreciated. Phil May