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  1. Hi All, I tried a lot but i couldn't able to solve the issue. Error: ADV7611 has NOT locked on incoming video, aborting ! Please guide me to solve this issue. And please provide me any reference design. Thanks, Ramesh
  2. Hi Mihaita, Already the EDID content available in digilent fmc hdmi ref document which you mentioned above but they said this EDID content for HDMI2 (but i am working with HDMI1), i tried with this data also but still i am facing the same problem. Also Avnet's EDID content has 256 bytes but i can't see the same count in digilent fmc ref document. Anyhow i will try my level best and then i can get help from you. Thanks, Ramesh
  3. Hi Mihaita, Thanks for your reply..!! I couldn't able to get the correct EDID content for ADV7611's internal RAM. Please provide me information that from where i can get the correct EDID content. For your information: I have the EDID content for ADV7611 with Avnet's fmc hdmi card, Can i use that for digilent fmc hdmi card to configure ADV7611's RAM ? Thanks, Ramesh
  4. Hi All, I am newbie to zynq board, eagerly started to learn. I have digilent HDMI FMC card it supports 8,10,12 bits color depth. I am trying with pixel width 10-bits with xilinx zynq zc702 board. previously we used Avnet HDMI FMC card it supports only 8-bit pixel width.Now we are in need to move with 10 and 12-bits pixel width. 1. What are the things needed to use digilent fmc card with zync zc702 board. 2.Where i can get drivers (c-code libs) for digilent fmc card. 3.While its operating in 10-bit mode should i connect it with 10-bit color depth output of laptop? 4.Can