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  1. Hi and thanks for the reply. Here is an example. Suppose I use Digilent Pro MX7: PIC32-based Embedded Systems Trainer Board and I want to accept inputs from Pmod AD5: 4-channel 24bit A/D, and then drive output to a display such as Pmod OLED: 128 x 32 Pixel Monochromatic OLED Display. Would these work together? Would I be able to just load up the header files/libraries and start working with them or would I need to code up my own communications logic to talk to these Pmods? Related question: Is it possible to connect a Pmod board to the microcontroller board using a ribbo
  2. Howdy. I have what I think is a fairly basic question: Which (non-FPGA) processor boards support Pmod modules? Is there any chance to see a table that shows each of the current ARM and PIC32 processor boards down a left-hand column and then the quantity of each of the Pmod ports (of each different configuration) on the middle of the chart? Thanks