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  1. Sam, thanks for the reply. It would have been great to avoid using windows in the process, but it was too good to be true. I'll device a workaround. Maybe something as simple as logging into windows to flash the board. I'm running a buildroot linux distro and a hypervisor on top of a synthesized leon3 microprocessor and last night I was able to connect to the leon3 through Gaisler Research's GRMON utility from linux. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems that GRMON has the ability of transfering a binary image to the spi flash, so I am going to look into that. Martin.
  2. Hello. I am working with an Atlys board. I am trying to transfer a bitstream file and a linux image to the SPI flash. In windows I remember doing it from the flash tab in the Adept application. Now I am working on a linux computer and I've installed the Adept 2 runtime and utilities. I've read the man pages for the 3 utilities (dadutil, djtgcfg and dsumecfg) but it is still not clear to me if it is posible to transfer to SPI flash using these utilities. Is it?