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  1. Hello, Ana-Maria. 

    Thank you. I will read that carefully.

    What about the PMOD RS232 ?  Is there any IP for it ?



  2. Dear Jon and Dan,

    Sorry for the late response.

    Thank you both so very much for your help. I will review both your answers carefully and will try to make it work.

    I will surely bother you again if I can't get it to work !!!  Sorry !!!

    Best regards,


  3. Hi, Dan,

    I am not actually using Linux on the PS. I am using the C# compiler in the VIVADO SDK to produce the files that resides in the Mini-SD card and programs the ZYNQ unit at startup.

    In my design I use several PMODS attached to the ARTY-Z7 board and also use some IO from the board connectors. It is working fine.

    Perhaps using the Linux is what I need. Will I have a chance to use any kind of complier to program what I need ? Will I be able to us the Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs from the PMODS ? Will I be able to use the Monitor and do graphics / Text ?



  4. Hi, Dan,


    Thank you very much for your answer.  Yes Yes - You have brilliantly answered some of my earlier posts, I an thank you for that.

    @jpeyron is also great and has helped me a lot !!!

    I thought that this would be the proper forum, as the name is Digilent Microcontroller Boards. I did not know it was mainly devoted for PIC users.

    I am working with the Arty-Z7 board. And now I am trying to develop an application that can use the HDMI output to write text and graphics to an HDMI monitor.

    The HDMI out example is OK but it does not have enough information to let us understand how text and graphics need to be sent to the monitor. 

    What is the correct forum I should be sending my messages regarding Arty-Z7 ?

    Thank you !!!


  5. Hi, Guys,

    I wonder if my messages are really hitting the FORUM because I have posed some questions and nobody has answered.

    Please answer to this question so that I know that my messages are getting somewhere.



  6. Hi, Guys,

    I am looking for a way to grab high resolution images with the Arty-Z7-20. I need to add this functionality to my existing design.

    Is there any Camera PMOD that can be used with the Arty-Z7-20 and already has an IP for it ?

    Is there any single IP (Paid or not) that I can use to get images from the HDMI In connector ?

    Any suggestions you can give me are welcome.

    I looked through the HDMI-IN demo, but adding all those blocks to my existing design will be cumbersome. I am looking for a singne IP for simplicity ...



  7. Hi, Guys,


    Suppose I am using a certain IP that is located at directory named AA    c:\VivadoProjects\AA\

    I have exported the project to another directory (BB) and I have given the project another name           c:\VivadoProjects\BB

    But the fact is that the new project is still grabbing files from the first directory AA (Specifically one of the IIPs) and If I delete the first directory, the IP gets unresolved.

    How can I make sure that all the necessary files and IPs are exported to the new directory and no longer need the original directory files  ?



  8. HI, Guys,

    I have a C# application sending/receiving TCP telegrams to/from the ARTY-Z7-20.  I am using the lwIP TCP server model, with some modifications to receive commands from the computer and execute some tasks.

    When I send a TCP stream of, say, A0h, Arty will start executing a task that will take 5 minutes to complete.

    My VB code keeps waiting for the TCP answer.

    My question is:  Suppose I need to interrupt the task before the 5 minutes runs out. 

    How do you suggest I should do it ?



  9. Hi, Guys,


    I have a project in Vivado 2018.3 on Arty-Z7-20. I have been archiving the project at several points along the development. I noticed that if we take one archived file and decompress it, we need to copy it to exactly the same folder name as the original project . When we don't do it,  the SDK project won't open correctly and does not find the developed C project for the project.

    I wonder if there is a way to get rid of that problem and be able to open that archived project in a folder with another name with correct SDK results.



  10. Hi, Guys,


    Sorry for this question.

    I am developing a project on Arty-Z7-20 on Vivado 2018.3

    AFter I generate Bistrstream and export hardware and Launch SDK, when I get to the point when I need to download my project to the ARTY board, I get two choices of Hardware platforms to choose from:

    MyProject_wrapper_hw_platform_1   or


    My question is:  Where do those 02 different designs coma from ? I noiced that the first one is an old implementation, when the project was not as developed as it is now.

    I did not define 02 variants of VHDL implementation in Vivado. Why do 02 options appear in SDK ?



  11. Hi, Jon,


    I went back to the old computer and VIVADO 2018.1. I did the same change to the IP. Updated the IP and tested the new solution. It worked flawlessly. Then I copied the whole project to the new computer with VIVADO 2018.3 and upgraded the project to 2018.3. Recompiled everything and the new bitstream works OK.

    My concern now is if I make any change to the IP in 2018.3, will it get to the resulting bitstream ?

    What hints should I look for to know that it has eventually not been processed correctly. Those kinds of problems take days to figure out the solution ...

    Is there a short manual where we can find an explanation for the file structure of a VIVADO project ?

    Those endless XILINX manuals take months to read and information is not objective in almost all of them ...