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  1. HI,Jon, Yes, Yes - Indeed we don't know what under the hood of Vivado / Vitis and that brings all sorts of problems. I liked best when we had to develop all the VHDL files and nest to one another. That was complex but we had all under control. They try to automatize everything for the user but when a problem arises, it is never easy to solve, nor there is enough information to guide us in the process of solving it. I did some more tests and found out that those Makefile errors only appear when I use a certain custom IP that I created. Vivado compiles it without any warnin
  2. hi, guys, I am feeling frustrated because it is getting more and more difficult to get answers to posts in this Digilent forum. Is something going on that I am not aware of ??? I have a new problem in VITS 2021.1. Makefiles always show errors that I can't get rid of. Picture below. How can we solve it ? Thanks Antonio
  3. Hi, Guys, My designs use the ARTY-Z7-20 board Many times when I start a VITIS project, I choose new platform project and add the necessary libraries to it. Picture 1 attached shows that lwip211 is selected. Then I try to add an application project and I get a message saying that the lwip library is needed but is not present in the solution. Please see Picture 2 attached. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks Antonio
  4. Hi, Guys, I am facing problems in Vitis. I used to have one project that worked perfectly in vivado 2020. I just upgraded to Vivado 2021 and when I open Vitis and after migrating the project, several header files (Very important ones , like "stdio.h" , "stdlib.h", "String.h" are not being found by the new Vitis... What can be going wrong ? How to remedy the situation Thanks Antonio
  5. HI, Guys, I understand. I will run it referencing ARTY-Z7-10 as the board and see if it compiles well. Thanks Antonio
  6. Hi, Guys, I have a design that runs well in the many Arty-Z7-20 units I have purchased so far. I am trying to buy more of the ARTY-Z7-20 but Digilent is out of stock. Is there any way I can make sure that my project will run flawlessly in the ARTY-Z7-10 as it does in the ARTY-Z7-20 ? Thanks Antonio
  7. HI, Guys I am under the feeling that VIVADO/VITIS still have a long way to go to be considered reliable and stable... Every time I try to set-up a new application project on top of a certain VIVADO ARTY-Z7-20 based project, the project ends up issuing some error. Eihter it does not find xparameters.h or something else is missed. That after several minutes of compiling and compiling endless codes ... It is difficult for me to be doing something wrong because all I do is to generate bitststream in Vivado, export the hardware project and open VITIS. The the errors start ... Can someone le
  8. HI, Guys, I am working with an ARTY-Z7-20 board and the GPIO IP uses shield_dp0_dp13 outputs. the fact is that when I write a value for the outputs using the command XGpio_DiscreteWrite(&OutDig,IntBytesBuffer); I write 02 bytes and all 14 bits should be written. It does not work for bit 10 of the sequence. It is not a hardware problem because If I use an older .bin bootup file, all works fine. Would you have a clue where I can go to find the reason for that ? Thanks Antonio
  9. Hi, Guys, I am programming in VITIS and I have not been able to do simple string manipulations as I would easily do in regular c language. Is there a reference document where we can find all the capabilities of the c compiler embedded into VITIS ? Thanks Antonio
  10. Hi, Ana-Maria, Thank you for this link !!! I will review that project carefully. Antonio
  11. Hello, Ana-Maria. Thank you. I will read that carefully. What about the PMOD RS232 ? Is there any IP for it ? Thanks Antonio
  12. Antonio Fasano

    PMOD I2S2 IP

    Hi, Guys, Is there any IP for the PMOD I2S2 (Sound In and Out) ? Thanks Antonio
  13. Dear Jon and Dan, Sorry for the late response. Thank you both so very much for your help. I will review both your answers carefully and will try to make it work. I will surely bother you again if I can't get it to work !!! Sorry !!! Best regards, Antonio
  14. Hi, Dan, Absolutely !! I would very much appreciate if you could hep me with that !!! Antonio
  15. Hi, Dan, I am not actually using Linux on the PS. I am using the C# compiler in the VIVADO SDK to produce the files that resides in the Mini-SD card and programs the ZYNQ unit at startup. In my design I use several PMODS attached to the ARTY-Z7 board and also use some IO from the board connectors. It is working fine. Perhaps using the Linux is what I need. Will I have a chance to use any kind of complier to program what I need ? Will I be able to us the Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs from the PMODS ? Will I be able to use the Monitor and do graphics / Text ? Thanks Anto