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  1. We have just released v7.0 of Astrobe for RISC5. The initial release supports both the Artix-7 and Spartan-7 FPGA devices as used on the Digilent Arty development boards. New hardware capabilities include Arduino shield-compatible SPI and I2C interfaces and support for up to 32 GPIO pins. See the announcement on the Astrobe forum for links to a full summary of What’s New and information on how to obtain a free copy:
  2. The Astrobe for RISC5 Windows IDE, Oberon language cross-compiler, and the Embedded Project Oberon OS are now available free of charge for the Digilent Arty, Arty-S7 and CMod-A7 FPGA development boards. This release is based on the latest Verilog RISC5 CPU and Project Oberon source code from Prof Wirth’s website. The release package now includes additional examples, Real-time clock device support and the Astrobe high-capacity HCFiler SDHC filesystem for backup and datalogging.