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  1. Hello @JColvin we need to use external JTAG device which generates test signals through 4 wires, we already have JTAG_SMT mounted in our application which we connect through computer to program target, we need to drive the xlinx target with that external 3rd party JTAG hardware to drive the jatg chain would JTAG_HS2 work in this intance? our goal is External JTAG Dongle ---> JTAG_HS2 -->JTAG_SMT2 ----> Xlinx FPGA We need to drive the FPGA through External Dongle.
  2. Hi, We are using JTAG-SMT2 programming module in our application where Xlinx device is being programmed directly using Xlinx application. routing was done from module to JTAG core of FPGA and no XLINX 14 pin header were extended. we need to use a thrid party JTAG application (for production test). is there any way to make a cable or available which would connect micro USB port of programming module to 14 pin xlinx header? any custom made cable diagram would also be helpful. Thanks