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  1. You're welcome @jpeyron! I've also submitted improvements to the Pmod NAV example code and driver:
  2. Hi @jpeyron, Sorry for being silent for the past 6 months because I didn't find the time to revisit my FPGA hobby. However, I did buy a new PmodNAV and it just arrived today. I plugged it into my set up (untouched since I last posted) and now I get readings from all of the instruments (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, and thermometer)! I'm also able to read the device ID of the barometer/thermometer (ALT ID = 189). So I guess my original PmodNAV is defective and the resolution was to get a new one. I've attached pictures of my original PmodNAV if you're interested in whether there's a physical defect. Anyway, thanks!
  3. Hi there, I have an ARTY-S7 50 with the NAV Pmod connected to the JD connector. I have instantiated a MicroBlaze processor to run the example code that comes with the Vivado Pmod library. It looks like I am able to get readings from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer (are all housed in the LSM9DS1 chip), but I am unable to get any readings from the barometer and temperature sensor (all housed in the LPS25HB chip). I'm not sure how to go about debugging this problem. Here's an example of the output I get: Device IDs A/G ID:104 MAG ID:61 ALT ID:255 Accelerometer G values = X: 0.02 G, Y: -0.01 G, Z: 0.96 G 1.06 degrees from vertical Gyro dps values = X: 1.41 dps, Y: 3.66 dps, Z: -0.86 dps rotating about vertical at -0.87 dps (Marginal) Magnetometer Gauss values = X:-0.21 Gauss, Y:-0.16 Gauss, Z:-0.41 Gauss Heading in Degrees: 216.89 Y Direction: South-West Pressure: 1048575.000000 hPa Altitude: 24.3 metres Temperature: 42.50 degrees Celsius You can see that the device IDs can be read for the accelerometer/gyroscope and the magnetometer, but not for the barometer (ALT ID). Only the default pressure, altitude, and temperature readings are being printed. If the SPI interface is working for the LSM9DS1 chip then I assume that it is also working for the LPS25HB chip. I've noticed that the NAV Pmod runs quite hot. Thanks!