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  1. Hi JColvin Thanks bro.. After increasing the sensitivity and interchanging the motor the robot is running. Thanks again for your help. Hamid
  2. Hi JColvin, Thanks for reply. I assembled the kit according to the manual provided on the website ( here is the link https://www.digilentinc.com/Data/Products/SRK-LINE/SRK-Line_rm.pdf ) I programmed the CEREBOT MX3ck using MPIDE. The program code used was the same as provided on the website ( here is the link https://www.digilentinc.com/Data/Products/SRK-LINE/SRK+Line.zip ). here are some snap of the setup. http://www.mediafire.com/view/7o3oeegyvct3rmr/20150402_085944.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/view/ummlm0b01pckc3x/20150402_085958.jpg after pressing the BTN2 nothing happens, the ro
  3. I purchased two SRK + LINE robotic kit and assembled it according the procedure provided on the website, but still none of it is running. What could be the possible errors. Kindly help me. Thanking You