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  1. you just made my day! i added the library dwf.lib i guess i would never have found this mistake... thank you!
  2. I am trying to generate a sine as output, as it is written in the sample "analogout_sine.c" It still is not working when I link the project to the dwf.lib. Do I have to use an other compiler in Codeblocks? Now it is "GNU GCC Compiler". I chose "Console application" when I opened the new project. I added the folder where the headers and libraries are located to "Search Directories" and added the dwf.lib in the "Linker Settings" in the build options. But the compiler is saying: "cannot find -ldwf.lib"...
  3. Hello guys, I have a problem to configure the digital output of my Analog Discovery with a custom designed/programmed signal. I can handle the fundtions given in Waveforms and watched the tutorials. The plan is to generate a PWM with the device in C++. As compiler I am using CodeBlocks. I tried to generate a sine, which is given in the samples of waveforms, but right there I am stuck. I included the samples.h and managed, that the dwf.h is included. In Waveforms itself I only can import .txt files. Because of that I think I have to connect with the Analog Discovery with the comm