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  1. Hi @JColvin; Yes, I confirm! Best,
  2. @JColvin physically, yes; and for data transfer functionality? Thks
  3. @JColvin, hi Thanks for your fast reply. Just, I need to be sure: micro-USB Type B cable works fine with all J17 (PROG), J14 (UART) and J13 (USB OTG)? Looking at your feedback Best,
  4. @JColvin, hi; Many thanks for your detailed response. I just have a wonder about Micro USB Typ-C ; do you think it's compatible with Zedboard? Best, GMA
  5. Hello, I need to buy new micro-USB cables for my Zedboard; to connect J17 (PROG) and J14(UART). a normal cable will be enough? Thank you
  6. hello, i need to run and command a motor ( small engine, using my zedboard, please can you reference me a link on Diligent website, and please, there is another method to do this, i mean via other card like FMC ? if i will use a simple Pmod, just it, no other equipment ? thank you
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to share my engineer graduation project ,please check my video, am waiting for your feedback. it's about " Design and development of a hardware component for fault tolerance on embedded systems multiprocessor (ZYNQ-7000)" am waiting for your feedback Thank you