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  1. HI, for my new PYNQ-Z1 to connect over its "USB HOST" interface: (1) will any USB Hub do, e.g., when concurrently a USB WiFi dongle and a USB-Webcam are connected to the PYNQ-Z1? (2) what is your recommendation(s) of a "compatible" stereo camera module (cf. attachment) for the PYNQ-Z1 board ? Thanks.
  2. I already solved it, see below: (this even with a second memory board which supposedly had a pre-loaded image, but initially did not work either) VS1 May 29 (1 day ago) to pynq despite the fact that the board was already on a powered USB switch (cf attachments), power was not enough. After I powered the board with a dual port USB charger, the board with inserted memory card appears to be working now (so far). I gained access to the Jupyter home area, can ping and TeraTerm-connect with the board as well as have board file access from Windows 10 Explorer. On Tuesday,
  3. Update: I found myself the following information about the memory card (please correct if necessary): 8GB SDHC V2.0-compliant MicroSD card + MicroSD-to-SD adapter Formatted w/ FAT32 file system (Unless the board and/or memory card are defective - in which I case I will ask sales to replace them ...) I have ordered an USB multi-format memory card reader/writer, which should help verify whether that memory card is empty (unless you can share with me a different method, ie where to download Windows 10 drivers for my built-in memory reader (Toshiba Satellite C55-A5281) ).
  4. today I received a MicroSD memory card (8GB) from Digilent (https://store.digilentinc.com/pynq-version-8gb-microsd-card-with-adapter/) sent separately after the PYNQ-Z1 board had already arrived. I need the manufacturer/brand name and type to download the Windows 10 drivers for that card (better a weblink with those drivers). When I insert the card in its adapter and plug it in in my Windows Laptop, nothing happens. With those drivers I should be able to verify first whether that memory board is empty. If so I can burn the necessary image. Your prompt response is highly a