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  1. Yenyulu

    Pmod AD5_Out data rate

    Hi @jpeyron Thanks for your reply. I still have some problem. I don't have the Pmod.c, so can u give the file? Thank u very much! And the exampIe code need to include Arduino.h and SPI.h, but i don't have those,too. By the way,I have try the method mentioned here. SetRegisterValue(AD7193_REG_MODE, 0x080001, 4, 1); I changed the registerMap[1] to 0x080001, and changed the registerSize[1] to 4. Is it the correct solution? Thank you~
  2. Yenyulu

    Pmod AD5_Out data rate

    Hello I bought one PmodAD5, and tried to change its output data rate. I know sample rate can be changed by mode register value;However, how can i make changes to highest value(4.8kHz) of mode register in code. Thanks.