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  1. can any one give me a tutorial to connect a terminal.I can't connect it until now.
  3. I want to connect 4 microblazes but when I want to configure the port of FSL,I didn't find how to configure it.I attached a screen shot of my XPS .
  4. I want to do a matrix multiplication using an Atlys Spartan-6 xc6slx45,I connect 4 microblazes and I want to add a Noc,but I need a design tool for a Noc.I didn't find any one which is compatible with windows because I use xilinx ISE 14.7.can any one has an idea about that??
  5. I want to do a hello world program with my atlys spartan-6 xc6slx45.I opened EDK I create a new Projet using BSB then I create a new microblaze using PLB interconnect.After that I generate the Bitstream,after that I export design (SDK).When the window of the SDK opened I crate a new hello world project using C code.then I clicked program FPGA but I got this error : Program FPGA failed. Connection to board failed. Failed to open Jtag cable. Cable target is not connected to the host. The board was powered on and I use only one usb cable which is connected from my PC to the program port.What can I do ??,
  6. Hmidi

    unable to open COM3.

    theses are the screen shots of the hyperterminal.Do you want any other screen shots of other things???
  7. Hmidi

    unable to open COM3.

    I want to connect my atlys spartan-6 xc6slx45 to an hyperterminal.I connect using COM3 I have this error: Unable to open com3 please check your port settings. On the device manager I got XR21V1410 USB UART (COM3). Can anyone know what the problem is???
  8. I follow this tutorial: I download the file then I open the ISE project and i followed all the steps mentioned bellow but when i press a button of the board,the screen of the hyperterminal still clear.Can someone help me because I'm a beginner to FPGA.