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  1. I have a similar problem with the synchronization of AnalogIN and DigitalIN. I use AcqmodeRecord. I did everything as in the second message, but the signals are not synchronous. Is there a solution to this issue? Thank ad2ww worked!.vi
  2. Thank. Yes, but it doesn’t work correctly. Details here https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/13312-acqmoderecord-in-labview-ad2/. I seem to have found a solution to this problem. When calling the FDwfAnalogInStatusData function from the LV example, four parameters are passed to it. The fourth parameter was incorrectly specified, fixed as on the screen. It seems to work. Now I'm trying to configure the synchronous start of AnalogIN and DigitalIN using the trigsrcPC source. AcqmodeRecord for both instruments. FDwfAnalogInTriggerSourceSet and FDwfDigitalInTriggerSourceSet are set to trigsrcPC. From the program I call FDwfDeviceTriggerPC. I give the same signal to the inputs. Inputs do not work synchronously. What am I doing wrong? I would be grateful for any help. Thank ad2ww worked!.vi
  3. I use AD2 as an oscilloscope. Great product for standard applications. I need to create a realtime logger based on LabView. Then the problems began. One of them is here https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/13312-acqmoderecord-in-labview-ad2/#comment-44519. There is no solution. It is necessary to provide synchronous recording from two analog inputs and one digital ch. I did not find a description of working with the AnalogRecord mode with an infinite recording length in the Digilent Examples LabView folder. I tried to write a VI based on the pyton of the DigitalIn_Record.py example, but did not find the necessary functions in LabView. Older functions do not work with the new version of the SDK. New functions are not described in any way in the WaveForms SDK Reference Manual. New functions do not include any reference to AnalogRecord mode. Is it right to use this mode for continuous data collection? How to make it work? How to start continuous acquisition? How to ensure synchronization of measurements? What functions can stream data from an AD2 buffer to a PC? I would be grateful for any help in this matter. thank
  4. You need continuous data collection using Labview. Using the examples, I wrote the program test.vi. But it does not work properly. 1 incorrect / old data in the array. Or subVI will return the wrong length of the array. 3,4 for this reason it is impossible to collect a continuous signal. On the borders there are breaks 2 transitional process does not raise questions What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help. AnalogDiscovery2, Intel Xeon E5, 16Gb RAM