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  1. @attila Please explain if I am missing something. This seems to be a Logic Analyzer screenshot, but we've been discussing the Pattern Generator. I can rephrase the question: Is there a way to send out, through the Pattern Generator, one second's worth of 4 Mhz data stored in a file or multiple files? Thank you.
  2. Do you mean that through a script I can, for example: Load file 1 and send its bits out, load file 2 and send its bits, .... , load file N and send its bits out and lose only a few milliseconds for the loading between files?
  3. Hi @attila, Just to clarify, for one channel is that 32k bytes or bits? In other words, can the buffer store approx. 32,000 zeros and ones or 8*32,000=128,000 zeros and ones? Also, can one channel use buffer space of unused channels as a way to increase its buffer? Finally, can a script directly output without using buffer space (as a way to get a longer sequence)? Thank you very much.
  4. Thank you again @JColvin . I need a pattern that is too large for a 32kB per channel buffer. It's about a second's worth of 4 Mhz, 8 bit data. Is it possible to run a script to access a larger buffer or file on a PC? If so, any coding examples would be greatly appreciated. John
  5. Very good. One more question: What is the pattern generator's buffer size per channel? Thanks.
  6. Hi, These are pre-purchase questions. Does the Digital Discovery have the ability to store data captured by the logic analyzer and save in a spreadsheet file on the PC running the software? Also, can the pattern generator output data from a spreadsheet file?