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  1. Hi @attila thank for the explanation. Nonetheless I am still not able to find the FDwfAnalogInStatusData2 definition within the dwf.py or waveform libraries. For instance in dwf.py a simple FDwfAnalogInStatusData without 2 is defined as: # FDwfAnalogInStatusData(HDWF hdwf, int idxChannel, double *rgdVoltData, int cdData); _xdefine("FDwfAnalogInStatusData", (HDWF, c_int, POINTER(c_double), c_int,), ((_ARGIN, "hdwf"), (_ARGIN, "idxChannel"), (_ARGIN, "rgdVoltData"), (_ARGIN, "cdData"),)) def FDwfAnalogInStatusData(hdwf, idxChannel, rgdVoltData_or_cdData, cdData=None): if cdData is not None: return _FDwfAnalogInStatusData(hdwf, idxChannel, rgdVoltData_or_cdData, cdData) cdData = rgdVoltData_or_cdData rgdVoltData = (c_double * cdData)() _FDwfAnalogInStatusData(hdwf, idxChannel, rgdVoltData, cdData) return tuple(rgdVoltData) but there is no definition of the equivalent with the stautsdata2. I tried to build it as attached in the file 1 (there are two dependencies waveform and dwf) but I am still getting a troubles with triggering. Any suggestions concerning it? And I would really appreciate your help concerning the definition of the analogstatusdata2 function. many thanks! AnalogIn_Record_trig_m.py waveform.py dwf.py
  2. thanks @attila for the very prompt response. I tried to adjust the code to my libraries but I have a problem with statusData2 function. What is the difference between the statusData and statusData2 function? this is the example how my statusData function is defined as part of analog input (ai) self.rgwSamples = self.ai.statusData(self.sample_count) thanks in advance!
  3. Hi I am using analogIN record for acquisition of the signal. The problem I encountered is the fact that the acquired signal is randomly delayed in with repetition of the measurements. (see fig attached, where a same measurement is performed several time. Starting point always differ). Is there a particular reason for it and is there an elegant solution except the dirty one which compares delays of different measurements and performs the delay shift operation. Many thanks in advance. I used AnalogIn_Record.py from the example library and analog discovery 2. thanks & cheers, m