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  1. Jon 1) I used and on a PC. 2) I was making further trial using same design and example software with an Arty Z7 and the result seems better as the Arty reply to the "ping" command with the IP, where my Zybo Z7 remains unreachable when Ping is executed. Does the Arty Z7 and the Zybo Z7 share the same ethernet PHY component? Should I put the Eth0 in the design to the EMIO or to the MIO for the Zybo? Regis
  2. Jon Thanks for your feedback below my answer: 1) I tried with 2 PC, first with windows 10 (result was connection rejected) and second with windows 7 (result was connection timeout) 2) I tried with 2 different internet cable and got same result with the 2 cables 3) for the UART Com, as mentioned if I fix the speed in the bsp, then I have displayed link up then few second after link down, this in a cycle. In case I keep the autodetection of the speed, then the dispay in putty for the UART is as expected and exactly same that in the tutorial... so seems everything looks
  3. Good morning I went through all post related to the use of LWIP ECHO app for ethernet with bare metal OS on Zybo. I also made step by step the tutorial : Getting Started with Zynq Servers for Zybo… but still could not succeed… I'm using Vivado 2018.2 I got the following behaviour: 1) In case I manually setup the speed to 1000 (or to 100) in the bsp as requested in the Getting Started with Zynq Server, the zybo is displaying trhough the UART 'Link up and Link down' alternatively, in the same way the PC connected to the ethernet link is alternatively mentioning the cabl
  4. Hello I face the same issue with a SMT2 JTAG recognized as "Single RS232-HS"... can I get the reprog tool of the Digilent JTAG device Thanks Regis
  5. I'm designing an application using the Audio CODEC of the Zybo Z7. I'm configuring the CODEC by I2C properly and could see data coming from the I2S. Then I realized that each time I programmed the FPGA, the Led 5 of the board was turning ON... even this LED is not at all part of my design!! Never mentioned in my constraints and never mentioned in the verilog wrapper. Then proceeding by elimination when analyzing the constraints, I realized that this LED was turned ON as soon as the I2S clock went enabled... with below constraints: NO LED TURNED ON ##I2S Audio Codec ##set