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  1. sage

    Zybo board repair

    Hi, just thought i should give an update. I replace the fuse and tested the board by running a small project using onboard switches and leds. seems to be working fine.
  2. sage

    Zybo board repair

    Thanks @jpeyron. I am tempted to short R281 and power it though usb to check if it would work before i order the fuse. any suggestions. Ok I couldn't wait so I shorted the fuse and the PGOOD light came on.I haven't carried out any further test. I will wait until the fuse arrives. Thanks once again. Asim
  3. sage

    Zybo board repair

    @jpeyron Hi Jon I was using a 5 volt external power supply before. I just tried it with a usb cable same results but i have noticed something. I get about 2 volts at the switch the same voltage is at c215/c216. when i turn the switch off i don't get any voltage on the other side of the switch i.e R261 but i still have 2 volts at c215/c216. I am getting the same voltage across D13 i.e about 2 volts I am getting a 3 volt drop across R281 which I think is meant to be a fuse.
  4. sage

    Zybo board repair

    @jpeyron Hello Jon Thank you for helping me out. The pgood light doesn't come on. I have taken the voltages at different points which i thought might help. 0 volts at c213, c222, c223, c227, c228, c231, c234 2.1 volts at c215, c216, c217, c218 1.7 volts at c229, c232 2.1 volts at c225, c221 0 volts at R279, R264 2.1 volts at R261 Asim
  5. sage

    Zybo board repair

    Hello. I have a zybo board that is not working. I was told that a 12 volt power supply was used instead of a 5 volt power supply. Is there anyway that it could be repaired e.g. changing a fuse or chip. thank you. Asim