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  1. Excellent. Now, will I be able to or will the data be saved into an excel file (or any other useful format) for post-processing?
  2. My project end goal is to log 9-bits data from an FPGA. The Analog discovery 2 can log data but I was wondering if it could for digital data as well. Thank you in advance
  3. Adam_Darkh


    @JColvin Thank you. Your response prompted me to double-check my installed Vivado software. It was entirely my fault. On the Vivado 2017.4.1 release notes, it says that only the update 1 to Vivado 2017.4, namely 2017.4.1 Webpack should support Arty-s7-25. The original release of Vivado 2017.4 does not support Arty-s7-25 but it does support the Arty-s7-50. So I download both 2017.4.1. and 2018.1 and Arty-s7-25 shows up on both just fine. Kindly, -Adam
  4. Adam_Darkh


    @JColvin Correct. I already tried to close and report it a few times. I was wondering if there is any issue with my Vivado WebPack maybe. If it works with yours, perhaps reinstalling Vivado might do the trick. Thanks -Adam
  5. Adam_Darkh


    Hello, I have Vivado 2017.4 Webpack. I tried to add Arty-s7-25 board files but Vivado cannot see it. It can see Arty-s7-50 but not Arty-s7-25. Any advices? -Adam