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  1. Thank you @BogdanVanca, for this definitive answer! That saves me a lot of time and effort.
  2. Hi @jpeyron, thanks for your quick response. I'm quite sure the clock is output from the camera board to the Digilent board, since the Xilinx MIPI CSI-2 Rx subsystem manual states on page 12 that the clk_lane_rxn and clk_lane_rxp are both input to the IP block. So the question remains how to connect these to the Digilent Nexys-4 DDR board. The only data going TO the camera board goes through an I2C connection, which works fine by the way. Thanks again, Koen
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to connect a MIPI camera (Rpi camera v2) to the Digilent Nexys-4 DDR board through the JXADC connector. Since these pins are routed for differential signaling, the JXADC connector seemed the best option for this, but I soon ran into a couple of problems though: - the JXADC pins are not connected to any clock input pins on the Artix-7, so I get placement errors when trying to connect the MIPI clock lane to these pins. I found out there is only 1 P-version clock input pin available on all the PMODs, namely JB10 (which connects to H16 on the Artix-7), so I trie