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  1. Zedboard FMC-LPC connection

    It's not that complicated. For designing a new board start with the FMC standard. It is sufficiently described here: https://fmchub.github.io/appendix/VITA57_FMC_HPC_LPC_SIGNALS_AND_PINOUT.html Reference designs for FMC modules are also available at GitHub: https://fmchub.github.io/ An open source hardware FMC LPC Breakout board: https://fmchub.github.io/projects/FMC_LPC_BREAKOUT/Datasheet/FMC_LPC_BREAKOUT_datasheet.html
  2. "Breadboardable" 7 series FPGA with lots of lots of GPIOs

    Hi, For an IO extension via FMC I recommend FMC LPC Breakout For easy-to-use IOs of an Xilinx Artix-7 without unnecessary peripherals, please take a look at this: Tiny 5x5cm² FPGA board with Xilinx Artix-7