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  1. Hi, I have two Nexys Video Artix-7 FPGA boards. My design uses the FMC pins of the board. On the board with the serial number D723xxx the signals on the FMC connector are not present. The design works fine with the board with serial number DA79xxx. For me it is obvious that the one FMC connector has a defect. What can I do? Thanks
  2. It's not that complicated. For designing a new board start with the FMC standard. It is sufficiently described here: https://fmchub.github.io/appendix/VITA57_FMC_HPC_LPC_SIGNALS_AND_PINOUT.html Reference designs for FMC modules are also available at GitHub: https://fmchub.github.io/ An open source hardware FMC LPC Breakout board: https://fmchub.github.io/projects/FMC_LPC_BREAKOUT/Datasheet/FMC_LPC_BREAKOUT_datasheet.html
  3. Hi, For an IO extension via FMC I recommend FMC LPC Breakout For easy-to-use IOs of an Xilinx Artix-7 without unnecessary peripherals, please take a look at this: Tiny 5x5cm² FPGA board with Xilinx Artix-7