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  1. Hallo, sorry for my english. I typed the text on an iPhone which was still in Dutch orientation, So a lot of strange corrections. Thank you for the awnsers. The changes I made to the library (.cpp) are quite simple. I have deleted all avr oriented code and kept the chipkit stuff. because I expected the Chipkit Uno 32 uses a processor comparable to the Sam Arm processor of the Due and they probably have the same SPI protocol. indeed they have, after the revision/ deletion everything works with the Arduino Due. The avr code in the else part of the if statements gave errors.
  2. Hi, I have changed the library analogshield.cpp for werking with the due. Everything looks alright. But one think, way the DAc has two chipselect pins syncpin an dacpin. Especially the Use of dacpin is a bit of surprise. It is Set low in initializing the example codes but never set high? What is the USB of this pin?