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  1. Hi atilla Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately this tool is very unfeasible when it comes to my problem. It is difficult to zoom due to the exponential zoom ratio. I am always lost because of the graphical glitches, it always changes the baud rate after zooming and I have to reopen the whole WaveForms again. Also I don;t know why but sample rate must be at least 10x UART to read the data properly. It is a good tool but not for me. Is it even possible to script this so I will have my both transmission lines output in text mode just like in the Protocol panel? I can try to scrip
  2. Hello I am a user of Analog Discovery2 and I believe it is missing one very important (for me at leas) function. I basically want to monitor and register the communication between two devices which use UART to do so. The Protocol panel looks great but I am able to register only one of the devices at the same time. Logic panel is very unfeasible in my case because I want to register many lines of the communication (like 5 min). Is there any way I can achieve that? Maybe there is a custom script which would help in my case?