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  1. Hi @JColvin Thanks for your reply. Like you say the tech ref for Openscope MZ does not mention anything about 40V tolerance. The one reply on this forum that mentions of the 40V is here. For some of my work with the older board (12V logic range) I will have to put the voltage divider with zener protection when connecting the LA pins. Safer to protect the investment in Openscope MZ.
  2. What is the max input voltage that the Openscope mz can tolerate on the logic analyzer pins. What about the GPIO pins? In the documentation I noted the Oscilloscope has +/-20V measurement range and +/-40V tolerated range (in some forum). But for the logic analyzer I see only a specific mention of 3.3V. I want to be sure before I connect the logic analyzer to either 5V (some Arduino's) devices or 12V devices (e.g. old DSC832 home security board). Reviewing the PIC32 datasheet, and assuming I am correctly interpreting the Openscope reference manual, I can guess that the DIO[0-9] pins are 5V