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  1. Hey @Phil_D I too had a problem with getting WaveForms to run automatically, and my group didn't find a way to make it work through the suggested code. However, we did have success when we commanded Python to simulate an F5 key press, which is a shortcut in WF to run the script. We used the library "uinput". Here's a sample of the actual command we used. I'm not certain that it's all you need, as I was not the primary Python programmer for this project, but at least it'll give you an idea of what needs to be done for this workaround. The sleep timers are there to give the program time to start and load the workspace. waveform_Call = subprocess.Popen("exec " + waveforms, shell = True) waveform_Call time.sleep(10) device = uinput.Device([ uinput.KEY_FN, uinput.KEY_F5, ]) time.sleep(1) device.emit_combo([ uinput.KEY_FN, uinput.KEY_F5, ])
  2. What is the PLL 2 error? I'm using a PI Zero to run Waveforms trying to connect to an AD1. The device serial number is correct, and Waveforms sees it in the device manager. I'm getting an error that "Device is not calibrated. Device configuration failed (PLL 2)." I'm using the same USB hub I use with my laptop, with which the AD1 works fine. I've installed the ARM version of Waveforms along with the PI version of Adept 2. The USB output for the PI Zero is 1A, so I don't think this is a power issue. From reading the forum post about RPI and AD compatibility, I'm under the impression that the Zero should work:
  3. Hi @attila, The final iteration of our project is supposed to run on Raspberry Pi. Looking at the Beta page you linked, I don't see any versions that are compatible with ARM processors. Is there any ARM-compatible version of WF that will be able to use the "-runscript" argument? Thank you, -bvleo
  4. @attila Thank you for your response. I've downloaded the beta and will try the -runscript argument. Do I use this in the Python code or at the start of the WF script? An example would be appreciated, as I am learning as I go and a lot of this is new to me. Thank you! -bvleo
  5. Atilla, Is is possible to run a script automatically upon opening it? We have a project that utilizes a Python interface and would like to have it call a script, run it, and then look at the data in a file created by the script. Like Jonboy, we're trying to use WF in a testing environment, so we'd like to have the whole process automated without the need to press UI buttons within WF. Also, is there documented changes to the Scripting interface available for WF 3.6.8? In some of your other posts you've shown examples using the previously unavailable Spectrum measurements Script functions, but we haven't been able to locate any documentation regarding what functions are available. Thank you!