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  1. Hello! I possess an PmodAD1 converter device. Already acquainted with the PmodAD1 and AD7476A data sheets, I have a question about the practical application: Given an analogue input signal, what is the most optimal-or the most simple yet working-way to provide the CS and Clk signals for the AD1 PMOD? Is that assumed that CS and Clk are generated by the FPGA board? Thank you, Your customer.
  2. Hi, Now everything works as expected. Thank you for the hint.
  3. Hello! I have created some VHDL code (attached) to test if DA4 convertor works. The simulation reveals no problems with timing of SCLK, DATA and SYNC channels according to the AD5628 data sheet, however output of the eight out data pins of DA4 does not work. Basically I am trying to send the the data to JB PMOD. Command and address are tuned by the eight switches on the Nexys4. The used command is 0011 and the address is 1111 (is that correct, by the way?), but I have tried plenty of other commands. Still the problem persists — no out data from DA4. Please do not hesitate asking for add