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  1. After various rereading actually i've understood this: TAD is the period time respectively of FRCCLK or PBCLK. In case of FRC (8MHz), its TAD is 125ns. Instead if it is PBCLK and it is clocked at 80MHz, TAD is 12,5ns The minimun conversion time is 83,33 ns and 12 TAD are needed for a complete conversion, so in FRC case this time is 1500ns and in PBCLK case only 150ns. Both times are greater than 83,33 so why i should need to set AD1CON3.SAMS (various values from 1 to 31) and AD1CON3.ADCS (from 1 to 512) and slow down everything ? What did i miss ? Thanks
  2. Dan84

    What "delay" is it ?

    After some test i think this counter is related directly to sysclk. I don't know if i must consider it useful in this form or if it is better work always with opentimer function.
  3. Hi, i'm trying to setup the A/D Converter following this example http://hades.mech.northwestern.edu/index.php/PIC32MX:_Analog_Inputs I've read and understood almost everything about it, except this: ADC_SAMPLE_TIME_15, where the number is a related to the TAD. The code is using the internal oscillator (8MHz, i think) so why there is this "fifteen TAD" ? In pic32mx datasheet there is a 17-1 Equation related this guy, an ADCS value and the peripheral clock. I don't think i'm using PBCLK (FRC is set) and i don't know ADCS that is necessary for obtain TAD, so i'm stuck.
  4. Hi, i've started to play with timers and delays. In Di Jasio's PIC32 book i've found this code void delay(uint32_t count) { while(--count); } Who is count ? To whom it refers ? SYSCLK ? PBCLK ? Something else ?
  5. Actually i'm some steps behind (before your reply i didn't know anything about logic analyzers), probably my actual needs are more like "how can i know if the btn is pressed eventually with antibounce", so i think i will start with a simple oscilloscope. In this simple case i need something particular or every oscilloscope (even the worst) are more than enough ?
  6. Hello, so... yesterday i've just received my max32 from farnell and i want to be sure i have all is needed for start to have fun. 1st. I still have to buy the programmer. I've saw the chipkit pgm but i've read pickit 3 is better because with it i can power on the board without external power sources which must be between 7v and 12v. Am i right ? The alimentation to the board isn't capable to drive a breadboard from the pin, right ? I will need some external power for the components ? 2nd. Online i found a lot of cheap pickit 3 clones (30 eur = programmer + eeprom adapter VS 60 eur =
  7. The 1st link seems very usefull, thx. Instead i'm not sure about the second one because it's hard to find clear explanation about the sense of the single registers. They are listed but it's hard to understand what is their sense and how their presence affect or is affected the/from the others ones then if there is a write order etc. I've found various projects with their sources but a lot of time i could not really understand them because i read some registry name for which i could not find a properly explanation. I hope to find something clear in the learn page, thanks E
  8. Hi, probably within next week i'll buy a max32 in order to start experimenting with mplabx. Actually i'm trying varioug things on other boards but the lack of clear documentation makes me a little difficult to move properly and accomplish clear results, so i would to know if is there a book, a website, youtube channel or everything else where i can find some step by step projects where i can learn not only the C code but this in relation the circuit and more important che official pic32 documentation. I need to understand how to move inside it. Someone can help me ? Thanks
  9. If i want use mplab x with pickit the only thing i have to do is connect the max32 to the pc and start to flash or have i to do something else before that ? If, in future, i wanted return to the original condition with the bootloader, can i download it ?
  10. Hi, I probably have a weird question but it's my first time i put my nose out from the easy world of Arduino. Said in a nutshell I want to learn to develop on PIC32 in the "PIC32 Way". Because i am not satisfed with the microchip proposals, i've searched something else and I've saw the MAX32. In order to buy it I've some questions: 1- i don't get if i can develop on with the classical "PIC C" (TRIS, PORT, LAT, direct calls to the registers, etc...) preferably with MPLAB X or I have to go only with arduino functions (digitalWrite... ) 2- i'm interested to flash it with
  11. hi, I'm pretty new in PIC32 world so i'm full of doubts and questions.