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  1. hello how it run? which linux ubuntu or which please list....
  2. hello does this fpga have analog input and pwm in it??
  3. Hello Can FPGA run linux? which processor can run linux except computer pc?
  4. can we connect crt with it?
  5. hello what is inside FPGa kit does it have registers? any thing more how manufacture made it?
  6. i have seen i don't understand it coding?
  7. hi I have seen processor what does they do which battery they used?
  8. Hello how to build led wall for video indoor and outdoor display? please help me how it work?
  9. then which processor is used for satellite? leds on it
  10. hello how to build satellite for radio communication? how does it work?
  11. where to buy fpga kit in india
  12. please tell simple code for fpga led blinking...
  13. how fpga logic cell are inside it? which type how we program it? in which language?
  14. hello how to use this chip? a3983slpt?
  15. ok, how to connect it with processor? like cold fire mcf5206eab54?
  16. hello can we build WiFi in FPGA field program gate array?
  17. hello please list all project we can build it? from fpga?
  18. please tell any project we can build?
  19. what does it do? hello how it work? does it run faster than microcontroller?
  20. what is the application of this xilinx spartan xc3s50