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  1. We have a board that uses the JTAG-SMT2 module to interface a Xilinx Zynq device. Most modules work without any issues, however one refuses to connect to the Zynq device. When first plugged into a computer (reproduced on 3 separate systems), it installs the FTDI driver for ‘USB serial converter’ properly. The misbehaving module installs an additional COM port driver and shows up as COMx. All the other working modules don’t install the COM driver. Disabling the VCP option did not make a difference. Version of the FTDI driver is 2.12 but also 2.10 and 2.8 did not seem to work. Is there any settings to make the driver work, either in Windows device manager or FTDI FT_PROG?
  2. Thanks for quick response. I will send them an e-mail. Sorry if this question didn't really belong in the forums... But the sales people keep pointing me here
  3. We will be using the JTAG-SMT2 module in a new design. I would like to get all the compliance documentation (RoHS, REACH, etc.) together for import into our system. Can you guys provide that? Or point me to a download location? Thanks, Chris
  4. nicol

    JTAG-SMT2 Step File

    Thanks for quick response. I will use an extruded 3D body for the time being.
  5. nicol

    JTAG-SMT2 Step File

    We are looking to use the JTAG-SMT2 module in a new design. Normally we try our best to include 3D models of components in designs, so we can export a full 3D model after layout is complete (for the mechanical team). Just wondering if you guys have a 3D step file for the JTAG-SMT2 module (didn't see anything on the website). Thanks, Chris