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  1. This is not a new board; it happens on boards I have already been using with no prior issues. I had the LEDs programmed to flash. I have tried different power supplies: Bench supply, 3S LiPo, 120VAC plug-in adapter, but always plugged into the WiFire barrel jack, and the VU jumper is set accordingly to EXT. VU is usually 12 to 15 V. Jumpers are set for the on-board regulator to be ON.( LDO IN to VU, and LDO Out to 5V0) The header power jumperJP9 is set to5V0. John
  2. This has happened on both WiFire Rev C and Rev D. You can see in the photo the white arrow in the Pickit3 is lined up with pin 1 of the ICSP header. In the picture the six pins are just stuck on the holes, but the symptom occurred with a soldered header too. The same thing happened with Microchip's ICD3 instead or Pickit3. This is still a problem, but not urgent; it IS programming now, although I didn't do anything notable to fix it. I AM worried that it's going to happen again. John
  3. Hello, I am not able to program Wifire using PikKit3. This was working fine earlier and I don't know what is different now. MPLAB recognizes the PicKit 3. MPLAB gets as far as detecting target voltage but then "unable to connect to target device" ALSO, plugging the Pickit 3 into the ICSP header makes the flashing user LED turn off as if something is shorted. Thanks, John
  4. YES. Reinstalling the FTDI Driver fixed it Thank you very much. John
  5. Jon, It appears the firewall IS disabled--see image. John
  6. Jon, Yes, I did so and it still errors. John
  7. Hello, Microchip was not sure how to help, and they directed me back to you. Is there anything else I can try? Attached image 1: I am getting this screen from "properties" of the WiFire Board under Device Manager. Attached image 2: I have these drivers on my computer, but I can not get anything to work. Regards John
  8. Thanks. It's not working for me. I also tried these drivers without success (attached, and the link is here): Can you verify that my method is correct: (in Windows 10) Open Device Manager right click on Digilent WiFire under Other Devices, click Update Driver Software... Browse my computer... to the location containing these files. (I get Windows was unable to install your Digilent WiFire) I also tried Let Me Pick From A List Of Device Drivers... but I
  9. Thanks. I reinstalled the recommended version of Adduino IDE, and installed the digilent core, and Digilent WiFire Rev D shows up in the Arduino board list. but the location: C:\Users\ij8977\AppData\Local\Arduino15 does not contain the folder with drivers.
  10. Hello, My Windows 10 system will not correctly install drivers for the WiFire board. (See my related post here) How can I get the drivers so that I can install them manually? Thanks, John
  11. RESOLVED Thanks JColvin, you were on the right track. Thanks to Chris Korpela for your suggestion which turned up the problem: Something on my system--firewall or other filters--prevents Windows from loading WiFire drivers. I tried connecting to an off-the-network computer, and the drivers installed and a COM port popped as it is supposed to. Now I know who to go to for help and what question to ask. Cheers, John
  12. Hello, I have been using the WiFire board Rev D for data collection. A data stream is sent from the WiFire board to the windows computer over USB. Programming is via Microchip Blockset for Simulink: Downloadable code is auto-generated by Simulink (CTRL B to build) Program loading is via Pickit3, the .elf file is attached. This system was working fine, but suddenly the windows system can no longer see the com port. How can I fix this? Thanks, John ChipKit_WiFire_32MZ2048EFG100_Standalo