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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I was already aware of the noise setting as well as the streaming option of WaveForms 3. It is always great to have larger buffer support. Would love to see and test new configurations! When/If a new configuration is available, how is that made available? Waveforms update? Or by some other means?
  2. I dug into the Device/Manager section of WaveForms that shows a list of available firmware capability configurations. I was wondering if there are additional configurations that are available? I currently have four of them. What I was specifically looking for is a configuration supporting more logic analyzer memory depth. For example, the capability with 16ch @ 16K samples also supports the signal generator. Is there possiblly a configuration that is geared only to the logic analyzer that could possibly use the 16K assigned to signal generator? Or possibly an option for 8ch with more memory? I am not sure if these are technically feasible but since the Analog Discovery is based on an FPGA I was hoping it could be done. An increased buffer depth would be great! Thanks for the time and help.
  3. Is it possible to adjust the amount of buffer space used for pre-trigger data? For example, I want to view events after the trigger and don't care about anything before the trigger. Is it possible to set the amount of buffer data used before the trigger? If not, will this be possible in the new WaveForms or new firmware?