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  1. @sbobrowicz thanks for your response ! can u share any example of usb as composite device. tell me how i can use 245 FIFO mode of FTDI using this USB in device mode
  2. @JColvin i already checked that link there is no nothing that uses usb in host mode or device mode they provided only gpio example and one more example is there but i didn't find any thing on usb i also tried this example, after doing some changes it worked but it uses usb for serial transmission and i don't want that. i m trying to decode this code but, i need proper usb protocol means as composite device or input or output device anything will work. please send me any example if you can. thank you !!
  3. @JColvin ok then send me that link i'll go through that. thanks for your feedback
  4. @JColvin do you have any example that makes use of usb port (j9) on zybo board as composite device , please let me know. i m using windows 7 ,vivado and sdk .
  5. is someone there who can help me with this ??
  6. i managed to configure this J9 port as mass storage device by using the exmple given in drivers file. but now i want to configure this J9 port as compsite device. can anyone give me some tips for that ?
  7. @jpeyron thanks for response jon , can you give me step wise procedure to do so(cleaning flash using h/w manager)
  8. @Bianca @Rainer Urian can you help me ? i am also working on zybo board and suffering from same problem. my usb port ( j10 and j9 ) are not getting detected . can you tell me how to resolve this issue ?
  9. thank you @JColvin i got how to program flash but, can you tell me how to clean this flash memory without using ISE impact
  10. @cristian.ignat may i know how to clean this flash memory ? thank you!
  11. thank you for your response @jpeyron , i did looked into schematic but , i am not getting how should i enable the IC12 , can you send me any example that uses vivado and sdk to use usb OTG and i m having windows system.
  12. thank you for your response @jpeyron , but my problem is not working with usb otg actually the problem is that when i connect otg cable at J9 of zybo it is not getting detected by device manager. i mean to say , at-least it should be available on some COM port on my pc but that is not happening. can you tell me what is the actual problem.
  13. hiii, i just started working with zybo , i m getting problem when i connect my usb cable to usb otg port of zybo . it is not showing any thing in my device manager. but when i use J11 [prog uart] it is getting detected , i tried lots of things like installed FTDI drivers , then also tried all those which some of you refered . please someone help me to solve this problem ...