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  1. Dear @jpeyron, Thanks for your reply. I need to connect the board to a switch through the second ethernet port. Since the Nexyx4DDR board does not offer any option other than using pmod, we considered this. What alternative form of communication do you suggest? Is it possible to use the USB-HID to drive an ethernet adapter in case we use an USB-ethernet adapter?
  2. I need a second ethernet port on my Nexys4ddr board, so I got the PMODNIC100 ethernet connector. To get started, I was trying to follow the Getting Started with Digilent Pmod IPs Tutorial, but since I do not find any IP core for PMODNIC100 in Vivado 2015.4, I do not know how to proceed. Can you please guide me regarding how to send and receive data through the PMOD NIC100 ethernet connector?