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  1. I've tryed with the same USB cable and with another one. I've also tried on another board. The result is still the same. Only Windows can see the device in the device manager as a USB serial converter. I can also access it with FT_PROG but not Adept or Impact. With an other HS3 (my friend's one), I can use it on the same computer with the same USB cable, on the same board, and I can use it with Impact or Adept. It seem that the FTDI chip is working on my HS3 because both Windows and FT_PROG recognized it. The problem seems to be somewhere else. s.mat
  2. I'm having a problem with a brand new HS3 that has stop being recognized by impact after few days. When I received it, I used it several times to program my spartan 6 using impact. But suddently for no reason, without even having touch the board or the HS3, it stoped being recognized. So I tried the HS3 from a friend and his one is working in the same condition. For helping diagnostic, I can say that when I connect the HS3 to windows, it is recognized by the OS. Also, I can use FT_PROG to interact with the FTDI chip, read his programmation. But I can't see the HS3 with impact or even with