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  1. Works perfect. Ill use the same technique with other patterns. Thanks a lot!
  2. My bad,, you need to press "RESET" to set up the second condition. For whatever reason it sounded counterintuitive in my head, but I get it now. I will test this tonight and report back.
  3. I have to be doing something wrong. I try and try to select the second box and cannot. I keep modifying the first one. How do you move to the second box? I restarted the software many times> Looks like I did it once, but not I cannot repeat it.
  4. Here you go. The interesting sequence starts at about position: 47.80701s RF433Temp.dwf3logicacq RF433Temp.dwf3logic
  5. Im trying to capture 60ms worth of data from a very noisy device. On those 60ms there are 57 interesting bits that I need, but they come only immediately after a specific sequence. The sequence preceding my interesting bits is as follow: ------------------------ One low pulse between 2.0 and 2.3 ms Four high and low pulses in a row, each of them 0.61 ms high or low. ------------------------ the problem is that the signal is very noisy, and there are many low pulses around of 2 to 2.3 ms, so my trigger fires in the wrong places. Is there a way to configure Logic for
  6. Oh Yes !, the drag bar works only all the way to the left, on the last column. I was trying everywhere, but not there, Thanks!
  7. Is there a way to make the channel view taller inside Logic Analyzer? Like, as tall as the red line below. It is cumbersome to read pulses when the view is so tiny.
  8. You are completely right!! I missed the markings on the BNC board, and I just saw them. I did notice the jumpers,, thanks. MM
  9. It works!. Using the BNC Probes. I think it didnt work yesterday because I was trying to get a reading using the probes but generated with the normal wires and the WaveForm Generator . All good now. Thanks a lot for the help.
  10. I will try right now, because I tried yesterday and didnt get any reading, even using the BNC probe and having the small black cable grounded. (im using the Digilent's Probes,, they came with my AD2)
  11. I tried on the "normal" pins, after connecting the flywire after the BNC board, and I couldn't get reading. (I inspected the BNC board underneath, and those pins looks connected all the way to the BNC connector on the board, so I assumed they were connected back to the AD2). How do I use the BNC connectors for reading voltage or for WaveForm generator? (I wouldn't want to plug unplug the board all the time, as I might eventually damage the pins)
  12. Is the Voltmeter functional on the AD2 while the BNC Board is connected? I can measure 2V from my PS without the BNC board, as expected, but if I connect the BNC board then the readings are always in the mV range, randomly. Nothing changes if voltage moves in the 2-5 V range. I can't find reference to losing any functionality if using the BNC board (other than the differential capabilities)