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  1. I'm laying out a project for work. I want to get an idea for the most stable solution with respect to hardware. The most important aspect is reliability. A lot of very expensive equipment might get damaged if things go south. Nobody is going to be on the hook for any recommendations as I have to approve the final design and I will do my due diligence and be the sole architect. The Project RF control and tuning for a cyclotron. I've already designed the RF system and it will have 3 three tuners which are each operated by linear actuators. It will also have three RF pick-ups for measuring the RF voltage for each tuned section. Each of the tuned sections can have its own resonant frequency but I they have to match and it has to be at a particular frequency. The Solution Three SISO PID controllers which will read the pick-up voltage and adjust the linear actuator. The set points and voltages will be controlled and displayed from a top level control system. So there will be communication, likely ethernet. Above all I want to figure out what hardware will be the most reliable. The tuning will not occur immediately as the RF system will need time to warm up the resonator and let the frequency settle, so I will make a state machine that can automatically go through the startup process of which the tuning state will be one of portion, the run state. Conclusion There's quite a lot to the project and many things are already in place, but there here are a couple things I'm hoping to learn about. I think an FPGA would be best for the state machine, is it best stand-alone or is there a microprocessor/FPGA combo that would be better? Messaging will have to be sent with error detecting / correcting codes so I would like to do this with an microprocessor but given the options in question 1, is that necessary? Any general comments will be greatly appreciated. If you have any more questions about the project which would help you, just let me know. I've had a fair amount of experience with the MX4 and the NEXYS2 and a host of other Digilent products so I thought this would be a good place to solicit some advice. Also, it would be a good resource for me during the development process. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you for the reply, Jon.
  3. Hello, I am fairly new to linux and I am trying to program a cerebot nano. I have the JTAG-USB cable with SPI, rev. b. I have downloaded wine and the AVR programmer but I don't see the device when I enumerate in the AVR programmer. If I use djtgcfg enum, from the terminal: [email protected] ~ $ djtgcfg enum Found 2 device(s) Device: DCabUsb Product Name: DCabUsb1 V2.0 User Name: DCabUsb Serial Number: 50003C003874 I did install the usb drivers that came with the AVR programmer, using wine. Any ideas?