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  1. Thank you for your kind offer to help! I actually thought already about this solution but the university version I use does not support to output any debugging pins such as JTAG from the ARM core. I guess I will have to find another way if not with CMSIS-DAP.
  2. Hi! I am currently working on a project which uses a particular version of an ARM Cortex M0. Therefore I can not use Xilinx' tools to debug the ARM core directely. Using a Nexys 3 with a Spartan 6 I am looking for other ways to debug it: In the ARM forum a user pointed out that ARM has a debugger platform called CMSIS-DAP. Does Digilent support this platform? I currently use a JTAG USB debugger from Digilent, does it support CMSIS-DAP?If not, do you know of any other possibility on how I could debug the ARM core directly and without using Xilinx tools?Any help is much appreciated!
  3. I got redirected to this forum by the Sales Team, so I hope I'm in the right sub-forum. Currently I'm using a Nexys 3 board and I'm in the need of more Pmod connections. I therefore thought of purchasing a VmodMIB extension board. Both boards, the Nexys 3 and the VmodMIb, can be connected together over a VHDCI connector. Unfortunately the direction (male/female) of these VHDCI connectors is not indicated in the reference manuals. So my questions: Do they have opposite direction so that they can directly be plugged into each others VHDCI connector without need for a cable? If no, which dir