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  1. Hi, Since I can't build my own drivers, I use the .dts of the zybot project. But I can append my own components to it. I would suggest you to give a try with this one.
  2. Hey, I have never encountered this ethernet problem so far. Perhaps, this error comes from your devicetree. I understood you modified it. Mendeln
  3. Hi Digicloud, I get the graphical interface because of this kernel which includes HDMI drivers. For further personal features, you may be in trouble like me. Even though my project belongs to an university curriculum, I am not proud of the way I make things. For now, I am accessing to registers of my IP cores through MMAP (/dev/mem) but is not very convenient compared to a real driver. You may be in trouble also if you try to use Xillybus IPs. They provide drivers which are only compatible with their own kernel so then I can't see how you can manage their IP cores. Mendeln
  4. Hi, Glad to help. If you find a way do build your own drivers within this kernel, please share =) Mendeln
  5. You can try to change only this line. But if I were you, I would modify the one provided. Yes, you have to use the kernel uImage as well as uboot.elf from links. I don't know what do you mean with linaro project files.
  6. I may be wrong but I think that ramdisk is used to load your filesystem into a part of your RAM. Thus, it is impossible to load a filesystem like ubuntu within 8MB. You need to boot on your SD Card from your OS Partition.
  7. Hi, Ok sorry, I thought you were using Xillinux IP cores. I am using Vivado 2014.4 aswell. 1) Download Xillinux Image and mount it on your SD Card 2) Download kernel and devicetree.dtb 3) Download Vivado design and use fsbl, uboot and devicetree.dts You can start with this design and build your boot.bin With this devicetree.dts, you can build your own devicetree.dtb awell by following Zybo embedded linux tutorial. 4) Load your boot.bin, and if you want your devicetree, into your SD Card It worked for me. Mendeln
  8. Hi, This error means that your devicetree is certainly wrong because you didn't modify it to boot on your ext4 partition where your OS is : bootargs = "console=ttyPS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw earlyprintk rootfstype=ext4 rootwait devtmpfs.mount=1" Can you tell me which Vivado design and devicetree you are using ? Mendeln
  9. Hi, I am wondering why we need an 8 GB SD Card knowing that the one provided in the package is up to 4 GB. I have been able to make it work by changing the .dts file like this : bootargs = "console=ttyPS0,115200 root=/dev/ram0 rw init=/sbin/init earlyprintk rootwait devtmps.mount=1"; Hope you find a way. Mendeln
  10. Hi, As far as I know, there is no Zybo linux reference design so you have to look to the one made for Zedboard. The Zybo tutorial is made to boot on a ramdisk so if you intend to have a graphical interface, you have to change files mentioned. I think you may find your answers about the kernel you are looking for here : By the way, I am not using Linaro but Ubuntu from Xillinux image. It works better in my opinion and their image is under GPL and free of charge. If you can find a way to get a kernel as well as its sources with either VGA or HDMI, please share. Hope this helps. Mendeln
  11. Hi, I am not unable to build my driver modules without sources. That's very awkward for my project. Any help or information would be appreciated. Mendeln
  12. Hi Josh, Thanks for your reply. Can you tell us at least if you intend to release the sources or not ? Best Mendeln
  13. Hi, Any update ? By the way, I'm using a 4 GB SD Card and something is filling up my SDc until saturation : /dev/root Use = 100%. After that, the system won't boot. Thus, I'm wondering if that's the reason why you have used a 8 GB SDc. The results are the same for 2 different filesystems of Linaro. Best Mendeln
  14. Mendeln

    Zybo Board : Pmod to I/O

    I have found the answer to my question here : Hope this will help. Mendeln