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  1. Thank you @rwheadon and @jpeyron for the guidance on this matter. Just to add another data point, I was able to run echo server at 1Gbps by changing phy_link_speed to 1000M at step 10.2, and have it output "link speed: 1000" at the console.
  2. No worries, @rwheadon - actually, your inquiries got me curious whether my successful run of echo server proves that ethernet port is properly working or not. I am at a level where I am blindly following tutorials not really understanding what I am doing, so please bear with me. Based on the instructions in Nexys Video - Getting Started with Microblaze Servers, I am getting IP core for ethernet from Xilinx (with evaluation license), and have it as part of my FPGA design. Does this mean that once my evaluation license is expired, I am unable to utilize the ethernet port? I imagine tha
  3. Hi, I am a software engineer who very recently got interested in hardware, and decided to start with FPGA as that somehow seemed natural for a software guy to learn more about hardware. I got myself a nexys video and will visit here often for questions and insights. Thank you!
  4. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you for the pointer. I faithfully followed the tutorial and got the echo server working on the board. But I had to sidestep a bit at step 12.2 (setting STDIO connection to console), because I simply did not see "STDIO Connection" tab. I am using 2018.1 Vivado, so wonder if this is some recent change in the tool, though I also did not see anything resembling the functionality of redirecting STDIO connection. So I had to check my router to see if there's any new device, got its IP, then telnet to it with port 7, and actual echoing seems to work. Do you know if the mi
  5. Hi, I just got nexys video and was going down the list of out-of-box demo at the bottom of its reference manual : https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/programmable-logic/nexys-video/reference-manual When I connect the ethernet cable, ACT/LINK/USER LEDs blink for a bit, then LINK/USER blink in sync indefinitely, but there's no IP address displayed on OLED screen, just shows I tried checking things on my router side (Netgear), but there is no indication of the device in its logs. Are there any way to confirm that the ethernet is working properly?