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  1. No problem. I have these (dadutil, djtgcfg, and dsumecfg) under /usr/bin, and there is a directory /usr/share/digilent with some bitstream files (?) I haven't used yet. Thanks, Chris
  2. Sam, Linux 3.13.0-46-generic Ubuntu trusty I found three executables after looking again just now: dadutil, djtgcfg and dsumecfg. I did an "apropos digilent" to find them. Are there others? What is dftdrvdtch? I used the dpkg install on the .deb files for the runtime and utilities. It would be nicer not to have to discover them by having a pointer to them in the user manual. What I found was based on the man page having "digilent" in the text, so I don't know if that's complete. Thanks, Chris
  3. Found the two executables. That is all there is? Thanks Chris
  4. Enzo, I have a very newbie question: in the adept suite, where are the executables that allow you to use, for example, the JTAG-USB interface device? Thanks, Chris
  5. Hi, I just got the JTAG-USB adapter and I've installed the adept runtime and tools. I don't see executables in what was installed: nothing under a bin directory. Where are the executables for the adept suite? The one page "reference manual" for the JTAG-USB should include a couple of lines showing how to launch the executables that talk to the device, IMO. That might be true for the other JTAG interface products. Thanks, Chris