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  1. Hi JColvin, Good morning, I made many attempts with other cable, other USB and other PC but unfortunely without success. Can I do other tests? Can I return the board for repair? Please considere I am an engineer and can flash the firmware, use oscilloscope and so on. Best regards Alfredo Fiori
  2. Hi JColvin, Thanks for your soon reply! When I connect the Oscope on USB I don't hear any sound, like if the connection doesn't works. Infact when I tried to start PuTTY I don't see any com port.. Please let me know if I can make other test. Thanks a lot for your support Alfredo
  3. Good evening, My Openscope at the beginning worked regularly both as a agent and in wifi. One day he stopped working, but after a few attempts he has resumed regularly. Now I am again in the same condition, the device is not responding and when the connect on the USB port is not even seen the com. LED 4 flashes continuously and I also tried to send it to boot mode, the com is not seen the same. What can I do? Best Regards and thanks! Alfredo